Hi Love!

One spring day in 2020, OCHO started as a Jewelry boutique brand.

I suddenly became interested in jewelry & gemstone while traveling around the world,
working in Madrid Spain, and Santiago Chile, after majoring in Spanish literature at university.

My real wish is to work as close as possible to the designers and explore the potential of jeweler
and creation with feelings of a selection in my own style, taste, and experience.

For some 10 years, I have experience in the overseas business parts of jewelry industries
close to global jewelry brands, studied jewelry design & craft, and gotten a certificate of Korean gemologist.  

In February 2020, I attended in Fashion boutique fair in Newyork as a director of OCHO, startup jewelry studio
and could meet precious persons than jewels there!

It was meant to found OCHO as a boutique jewelry brand.

OCHO means number 8 in Spanish, it symbolizes “Re-born” and “Blessing”.

We really want to create jewelry and beautiful things with pure passion, giving positive vibes in everyone’s daily life!

OCHO jewelry is made from good materials like 14K Solid gold, gemstones, high-quality stones, gold vermeil, sterling silver,
and pursue the concept of design
– classic mood, minimal, stylish, delicate, adorable with the edge of feminine and luxury point for our everyday fashion.  

Our dainty & little, stylish jewels are designed to be stacked or worn together or hold as stunning pieces on their own.
Fair pricing, high quality and comfortable fit like a second skin are included.

Thank you so much for love us and feel free to contact us,
let’s keep in touch!

xo Cristina JY